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We have been standing robustly it this field for the past 12 years, delivering our clients with indestructible growth and high-quality work output…..







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What We Do Here at ATS Global Tech?

We here at ATS Global Tech, concentrate more on delivering well responsive and highly structured products to our clients with the help of a dedicated team of experts in product development and R&D so that our clients get a perfect solution that’s fulfilling all of their needs.

We have been standing robustly it this field for the past 12 years, delivering our clients with indestructible growth and high-quality work output that pushes our clients towards forming a never-ending relationship with us.​

We offer endless services across application re-engineering, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, architecture optimization services, application maintenance, technology optimization consulting, non-functional testing and application services. We have everything that’s necessary to keep us ahead in this field of tough competition and guarantee 100% client satisfaction with streamlined products.

Our client support team of skilled and qualified IT professionals is inspired by a sturdy motivation to push the technical possibilities, as well as, offering resistless client support services across various platforms including E-commerce solutions, CRMS, Quality Assurance solution, ERPS, Web and Mobile Applications etc.

Our Services

What ATS Global Tech Has On Offer

We build & maintain highly responsive websites, applications and software technologies using innovative technology and new business models to qualify latest market trends.

Quality Assurance

Being one the most trusted software development brand, ATS Global Tech has a unique Research and Development principle that meets the highest quality standards of customer services that assure complete client satisfaction with over more than 10000 gradually growing happy customers. We provide our services with a promise of delivering premium quality products and services which further improves our never-ending bond with our clients.

Website Design & Development

ATS Global Tech primarily focusses on building fast and responsive Web Design & Development strategies that best suit the requirements of our clients and assists us in delivering them incredible website solutions.

Digital Marketing

ATS Global Tech assists you in generating more revenue while growing your traffic and engagements using the latest Digital Marketing strategies, as well as help you drive more reach and engagement on various Social Media platforms.

Software Quality Testing

Before handing over the project to the client, our R&D experts run several testing procedures in a state of the art environment to ensure the fulfilling of our quality standards at every stage of the development process. Thus, providing a responsive and sturdy software solution to our customers.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide our clients with highly premium quality products at the same keeping them within a cost-effective budget. Our products and services are very affordable, cost-effective and rich in quality, where our clients never have to stress much about the cost management and reliability of the product.

Mobile Application Development

Our team of IT professionals work in collaboration with dedicated mobile app development experts from all across the globe. Our hardworking team comprises sharp software engineers, business analysts and UX specialists who are well-experienced in developing both native and cross-platform mobile applications.

IT-Support Services

ATS Global Tech has a dedicated IT-Support Team for you to assist you in analysing and giving solutions as per your requirements. Our IT consultants are there 24×7 to provide you with the best possible IT solutions.

Application Maintenance

We responsibly maintain and improve applications instead of withdrawing revenue from the pockets of customers, as that’s what most of the software companies out there do. We even fix existing errors and further enhance new features.